SubSudio are utility tokens and are the fuel of the whole SubSudio ecosystem.

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What is SubSudio?

SubSudio redefines the internet with a brand-new, privacy-centric, alternative suite of web applications and its own new IntraSubsNet ecosystem for user privacy, freedom of speech, net-neutrality and non-censorship. Net-neutrality is the principle that Internet service providers (ISPs) must treat all Internet communications equally, and not discriminate, or charge differently, based on; user, content, website, platform, application, type of equipment, source address, destination address, or method of communication. SubSudio is here to take the power away from the corporations and give it back to the people.

Common use cases


Pay for listing in the SubSudio Search Engine Directory.

Pay for goods and services on the SubSudio Marketplace.

Pay for VPS / website hosting in SubSudio Hosting Service.

Pay people to browse the web and watch the ads on our dedicated services.


SubSudio IntraSubsNet

A brand new privay-centric internet system with the SubSudio central hub linking the old www internet with two new internet systems focused on speed, security and protection of privacy

SubSudio Search

SubSudio is the very latest AI Search Engine for the brand new alternate internet; running on it's own unique IntraSubsNet protocol to deliver you the very best and unadulterated search results possible.


The world's first ever triple redundancy hosting services connecting three different internet together as one central hub.


AdverEarn is a very unique combination of tried and tested advertising strategies all tied together with the SubSudio Utillity Token

Exchanges & Partners


Early 2019 and before...

Inception of the idea, exploring the options and setting up the initial foundations for the business.

Mid 2019

Setting up the websites, building the search engine and preparing the SubSudio ecosystem. The inception of our SUBS ERC20 tokens.

September - October 2019

Start establishing the team and starting to develop initial services

November 2019

Bring the core team of 28 people together, develop the lightpaper & roadmap and launch the beta-test version of our brand new search engine live. -

December 2019

Start mapping out the pre-launch phases to start in the new year. Pre pre-launch on the 4th January 2020 for the lead up to the official pre-launch on the 8th February, two weeks before the official launch on the 22 of February. The plan is to do a global rollout on the 22/02/2020 at 22:22:22 in the evening across the 24 different time zones around the world.

February 2020

The official launch on the 22/02/2020 at 22:22:22 of the SubSudio Search Engine, our unique AdverEarn programmes and our new IntraSubsNet Hub and our associated new SubsHosting services.

Our Team

Bitcoin Pete

The Creator

Peter Love

The President


Chief Executive Officer (CEO)


Chief Brand Officer (CBO)

Crypto Eagle

Chief Business Development Officer (CBDO)


Chief Operating Officer (COO)

Christopher Berry-Dee

Chief Security Officer (CSO)


Scene Of Crime Officer (SOCO)


Chief Research Officer (CRO)

Lady Oksi

Chief Financial Officer (CFO)


Chief Solutions Officer (CSO)


Chief Visionary Officer (CVO)


Chief Sustainability Officer (CRO)


Chief Information Officer (CIO)


Chief Design Officer (CDO)

Luke Skywalker

Chief Content Officer (CCO)


Chief Web Officer (CWO)

Cryptonaut Zeus

Chief Web Officer (CWO)

Aaron Taylor

Chief Technical Officer (CTO)


Chief Technical Officer (CTO)

AU Mattycoz AU

Chief Technology Officer (CTO)


Chief Technical Officer (CTO)


Chief Technical Officer (CTO)


Chief Customer Officer (CCO)

Crypto Memory

Chief Administrative Officer (CAO)


Chief Customer Officer (CCO)


Chief Customer Officer (CCO)


Chief Customer Officer (CCO)

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