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SubSudio Voting System - The Vote for The New 'Earth Embassador' 2020

If you would like to support our new earth alliance please pledge your allegiance to our cause by agreeing to our code of ethics below and submitting your name, country and email address...

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We were asked to set up a unique voting pool for the citizens of earth to choose themselves a new ‘Earth Ambassador’ in this,the run up to ‘full disclosure’ which is currently scheduled for 20.07.2020.

Unlike most previous voting systems on earth, this one is digital and only allows one vote per unique email address and IP address, therefore it is a lot harder to manipulate the poll and represents a true consensus of opinion of all of the inhabitants of this planet.

I, Bitcoin Pete, have put myself forward as one candidate as I do have a lot of experience in this area as I have been studying it avidly now since I heard the first Ashtar Command broadcast by Captain Vrillon, which broke through the BBC’s 5:00 O’clock news in the UK, on the 26th November 1977 at 5:10pm, which is forty-three years ago now. You can listen to that original broadcast on my youtube channel here -

I have also nominated the two most prominent world leaders to also run as candidates; Donald J. Trump, from the USA, and Vladimir Putin, from Russia,…and now you have the unique opportunity to vote for who you would mostlike to represent earth’s very best interests as we move forward now towards our very first meeting with our brothers and sisters from the stars and re-join our galactic family and heritage.

This is very a pivotal and monumental turning point in earth’s history, and I am very proud and privileged to be here in this particular time in space to witness it, and also to witness the massive changes for the better that it will bring forth with it now as well.

With the federation’s very kind help and assistance it will only take a very short space of time to restore world peace once again and end poverty completely.

We will also witness the world’s fastest ever technological revolution as the 6,500+ ‘exotic’ patents,which have all been supressed over the previous hundred plus years, are finally released to the public and then brought into existence for all humanity’s benefit.

Many of the top Hollywood films are in fact real-world allegories designed to prepare people for this exact moment in time; ‘Star Trek’, ‘Back to the Future’ and ‘The Matrix’ being the top three on the list.

After first contact has been established, it will then be up to earth’s inhabitants to decide if they wish to become a member of the United Federation of Planets (UFP). I propose that whoever gets selected to be the new ‘Earth Ambassador’ then utilises this new voting system to take a vote for or against joining the UFP. Also, one of the criteria for joining the UFP is that the applying nation already has warp-drive capabilities. So, if these haven’t already been developed here, which I think they have been, that will be the first new technology that our scientific community will need to focus on developing. But, as with everything, once you have the instruction manual on exactly how to build one it shouldn’t take that long to develop. Alternatively, due to our massively over-extended time stuck here of earth, maybe the UFP will ‘gift’ us that technology as a welcome gift into the Federation.

In the meantime, here are two short videos outlining both the pros and cons of joining the UFP, or not. So that you can now beginning thinking on whether you will be voting ‘for’ or ‘against’ when we get to that stage.

Reasons why TO join the United Federation of Planets -

Reasons why NOT join the United Federation of Planets -

We look forward now with great excitement towards the coming weeks and months ahead as earth rebirths into a truly galactic star nation and its rightful place back as one of the brightest stars in the galaxy.

We are the Love, We are the Light, We are Unconditional Everlasting Love…

We Are Bitcoin Pete…

18.03.2020 – Manila, The Philippines

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The 50 Principles of a Happy Life Code of Ethics - 'The Ways of the Wise'
1 Thou shalt not kill, nor bid anyone to kill. 2 Thou shalt not commit rape or force others against their will. 3 Thou shalt not avenge thyself nor burn with rage. 4 Thou shalt not cause terror or damage in any way. 5 Thou shalt not assault anyone nor cause anyone pain. 6 Thou shalt not cause pain or misery to others. 7 Thou shalt not do any harm to man or to animals. 8 Thou shalt not cause the shedding of tears. 9 Thou shalt not wrong other people nor bear them any evil intent. 10 Thou shalt not steal nor take that which does not belong to you. 11 Thou shalt not take more than thy fair share of food. 12 Thou shalt not damage other people's property. 13 Thou shalt not deprive anyone of what is rightfully theirs. 14 Thou shalt not bear false witness, nor support false allegations. 15 Thou shalt not lie, nor speak falsely to the hurt of another. 16 Thou shalt not use fiery words nor stir up any strife. 17 Thou shalt not speak or act deceitfully to the hurt of another. 18 Thou shalt not speak scornfully against others. 19 Thou shalt not eavesdrop. 20 Thou shalt not ignore the truth or words of righteousness. 21 Thou shalt not judge anyone hastily or harshly. 22 Thou shalt not disrespect sacred places. 23 Thou shalt cause no wrong to be done to any other person. 24 Thou shalt not be angry without good reason. 25 Thou shalt not hinder the flow of running water. 26 Thou shalt not waste the running water. 27 Thou shalt not pollute the water or the land. 28 Thou shalt not take God’s name in vain. 29 Thou shalt not despise nor anger God. 30 Thou shalt not steal from God or any other person. 31 Thou shalt not give excessive offerings, nor less than what is due. 32 Thou shalt not covet thy neighbor’s goods or chattels. 33 Thou shalt not steal from, nor disrespect, the dead. 34 Thou shalt remember and observe the appointed holy days. 35 Thou shalt not hold back the offerings due God. 36 Thou shalt not interfere with sacred rites. 37 Thou shalt not slaughter or kill any of God's animals. 38 Thou shalt not act with guile or insolence. 39 Thou shalt not be unduly proud nor act with arrogance. 40 Thou shalt not magnify your condition beyond what is appropriate. 41 Thou shalt do no less than your daily obligations require. 42 Thou shalt obey the law of the land and commit no treason. 43 Thou shalt do unto others how you would have others do unto you. 44 Thou shalt dedicate at least 1 hour a day to yourself and to God. 45 Thou shalt help others you see who are less fortunate than you. 46 Thou shalt rest and relax on Saturdays (the true Sabbath) and give thanks to God. 47 Thou shalt rest and relax on Sundays with your family and not do any work. 48 Thou shalt save 10% of all that you earn; for every 10 golden you save 1. 49 Thou shalt give 10% of all that you earn to others who are less fortunate than you. 50 Thou shalt 'Spread God's Word' and introduce others to the 'Ways of the Wise'.

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