SubSudio – The New Alternate Search Engine

SubSudio (Symbol; SUBS) are ERC20 tokens, very similar to Bitcoin in that their total supply is limited to 21 million; what this means is that there will never be more than 21 million SubSudio in existence, ever. Also, just like Bitcoin, they are devisable into eight decimal places, and these smaller subdivisions are known as SUDIOs. So, 0.00000001 SUBS = 1 SUDIO. They are the brainchild of BitcoinPete and are part of his ongoing mission to speed up the adoption of cryptocurrencies and to offer far more privacy-centric options than those which are currently being used by the majority of internet users today.

One of the main objectives of SubSudio is to offer a brand-new, and viable, alternative to the main search engines which are currently actively being used today but which, unfortunately now, sadly lack impartiality when serving up their search results to their end users and greatly favour the oligarchic monopolies that they themselves have now become a big part of. No longer is it a level playing field and many businesses have been totally wiped-out, quite literally overnight, on the whim of one of the oligarchy owners’ updates.

Here is one very sad example -

“Now, following search giant Google’s June 2019 Core Update, which rolled out on June 3, one of the biggest bitcoin and crypto sites,, has said it will have to close its digital doors, citing "a 71% collapse in mobile traffic overnight"—with other bitcoin and cryptocurrency sites also taking heavy blows.”

Jonas Borchgrevink, director and founder of commented; “If Google thinks that CCN, all of a sudden — remember, literally overnight —, is bad, then why not give us the chance to understand the why and give us a way to change before any major update. Instead, we are kicked in the teeth overnight with zero knowledge of what we have done wrong, impacting a team of 60+ people. 6 years of work is evaporated.”

And Jonas Borchgrevink is not alone; there are indisputably hundreds of thousands of other business owners in exactly the same boat, who’s businesses have been totally destroyed due to this, and the many other updates rolled out over previous years. The Google E-A-T update, at the beginning of August 2018, targeting ‘Your Money or Your Life’ (YMYL) websites, was another prime example which left thousands more businesses devastated in its aftermath; exactly the same as if they had been the victims of some massive internet earthquake, tsunami or other global catastrophe! So, SubSudio stands now as a real alternative, to fight back against their tyranny and to fight for the rights of the common man and woman on the street for the conservation of; our privacy, our democracies, our freedom of speech, our freedom of the press, our freedom of information and, to once again, offer a level playing field for all businesses to enact upon.

Now imagine, back in the day, if you’d have know what you know now, how many shares in Google would you have bought?

Quite a few I’d imagine. If only hindsight were 20:20 we could bottle it, and all make our fortune. Today you now have the very unique opportunity to be in on the very ground-floor with SubSudio and be a part of our global vision to re-terraform the way businesses get listed and searched for on the internet.

SubSudio are currently listed for sale on the AltsBit Exchange and can be stored in any ERC20 compatible wallet that allows for the addition of custom tokens -

BitcoinPete’s Wealth Warning: Past performances are no guarantee of future performances. All cryptocurrencies are high risk and their value could drop to next to nothing. Therefore, never buy more than you can comfortably afford to lose. Buy low and sell high, and always take a profit when you can! Nothing in this whitepaper should be misconstrued as investment advice; SubSudio are ‘utility tokens’ and are NOT an investment vehicle. Always seek independent, impartial and professional financial advice before parting with any of your hard-earned.